Regional Data

Regional DataEven though NCEDC serves Larimer County, we provide our community partners with regional market research that includes not only Larimer County, but also Weld County to the east and Boulder County to the south. NCEDC recognizes that it is vitally important to corporate relocation consultants and community partners that we have up-to-date, accurate information.

NCEDC works with Northern Colorado Regional Economist Dr. Martin Shields to complete the International Economic Development Council data sets for the Northern Colorado region.  The data includes over 1,200 data points ranging from utility information from the local municipalities to the local tax structure.  Dr. Shields continues to update the data every six months to ensure it is up to date.

If you have questions or would like to submit information for possible inclusion, please contact us.


2012 Comprehensive Economic Overview

Regional DataAverage Salary

City of Fort Collins Utilities

City of Loveland Utilities

Community Colleges




Higher Education

Industry Payroll

Labor Force

Largest Employers

New, Expanded, Downsized, and Closed Companies


Quality of Life

Research & Development Institutions



Union Presence

Vocational/Technical Centers

Workers Comp & Unemployment Insurance