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    Local Incentives

    Local discretionary incentives are determined using a highly customized strategy that is designed to create a package specific to the needs of each individual firm. Depending on the specific location, some or all of the listed incentives below may be available to businesses in Larimer County.

    Cash Incentives for New Primary Jobs: These programs provide incentives to firms providing net new employment within the region, with wages that are at least 110% of the Larimer County average (or higher, depending on the locality). Incentive amounts can range from $500 to $2,000 per net new job, depending on the wage and jurisdiction.

    Abatement of Fees and Taxes: Depending on the locality, businesses may seek deferment or waiving of many fees and taxes, including capital expansion fees relating to law enforcement, fire protection and general government, building permit/inspection/construction materials fees and use taxes, and street capital expansion fees.

    Larimer County Revolving Loan Fund: Funded by state Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) dollars, the RLF provides financial assistance to firms expanding or locating in rural areas of the county. The RLF can provide short-term financing for up to 45% of project costs, and may assume a second or third collateral position in order to leverage other lender involvement.

    Personal Property Tax Rebate: Local jurisdictions, as well as Larimer County, provide for personal property tax rebates on a case-by-case basis. The percentage rebated can be as high as 50% of the levy on personal property for up to ten years.

    Manufacturing Equipment Use Tax Rebate: This program permits local manufacturing firms to request a partial rebate of use taxes paid on qualifying equipment. Approval is typically managed by the local City Council.

    Private Activity Bond Financing: Local jurisdictions will consider sponsorship of the tax-exempt financing provided by the PAB program, given certain requirements.

    Utility and Energy Efficiency Assistance: Designed to encourage existing and new users to achieve high energy efficiency standards, a variety of utility programs are available (depending on the locality). Potential benefits include free integrated design assistance, funding for industrial building analyses, and grants for building re-commissioning and mechanical upgrades.

    Expedited Development Review: Most jurisdictions within Larimer County provide for a fast-track approval process that expedites the review protocol for qualified businesses.

    Urban Renewal Areas: Many incentives are available from local jurisdictions (as well as the state of Colorado) for redevelopment projects within certain areas of the locality.

    Tax-Increment Financing: Vehicle, sales, and property taxes may be leveraged to help finance such projects as infrastructure, environmental clean-up, or provide the public improvements necessary for a development project to proceed. This program currently applies to areas under the jurisdiction of the Urban Renewal Authority.

    For additional information or direct assistance relating to economic incentives available to businesses choosing to relocate to or expand within Larimer County, please contact us.

    Local Business Assistance and Incentive Programs

    Custom Economic Analysis: NCEDC can conduct a wide variety of workforce and economic analysis and quickly produce custom reports using up-to-date labor market, industry, and demographic data. We can help you understand regional labor markets, industries, occupations, demographics, workforce trends, economic impacts, skills, job compatibility and more – at almost any level of geographic detail. We do it by utilizing a user-friendly web-based tool that interprets and analyzes labor market and demographic data for Larimer, Weld, Boulder, Adams, and Broomfield counties.

    Loveland Center for Business Development (LCBD): An innovative resource for business owners and entrepreneurs, the Loveland Center for Business Development provides counseling, group training, financial assistance and referrals.

    • One-on-One Counseling
    • Financial Resources
    • Workshops & Seminars
    • Comprehensive Referral System
    • Resource Material

    Contact: 970-667-4106 or

    Small Business Development Center (SBDC): The mission of the Fort Collins/Larimer SBDC is to provide high-quality and cost effective small business assistance, information, and support which fosters the successful growth and development of small businesses and results in a positive long-term economic impact on our communities. Our mission is accomplished through:

    • Free one-on-one business counseling
    • Low-cost workshops
    • Help in identifying potential financing
    • Help in networking with local, state, and federal resources

    Contact: 970-498-9295 or

    Larimer County Workforce Center: NCEDC can provide assistance with the coordination of programs provided by the Larimer County Workforce Center, Colorado State University, Front Range Community College, the NoCo Network and others to attract high quality workers.

    Contact: 970-498-6665 or

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