Key Industries

Innovation Economy

Innovation occurs across industry sectors in Larimer County and Northern Colorado. Craft brewers, bioscience, software, hardware, and clean energy companies contribute ideas, inventions, and products that positively affect the local economy. The university’s innovation culture directly benefits Larimer County’s economy through technology transfer and globally-focused research in clean energy, water innovation and disease prevention and treatment.


The Bioscience Cluster is comprised of companies that research, produce & distribute medical devices, medical instruments, pharmaceuticals, and biofuels. With dozens of companies in growth mode, close associations with research scientists at Colorado State University, and a diverse product base, this cluster plays an important role in economic development and health in Northern Colorado.


Key IndustriesSoftware/Hardware

Despite the ups and downs of the tech sector, Larimer County remains an attractive location for new businesses. Companies that specialize in data mapping, computer programming, Internet service, software development and computer facilities management are grouped in the Software/Hardware cluster.


Clean Energy

The Colorado Clean Energy Cluster is a business-led, project-oriented group of regional partners seeking to have a global impact on energy efficiencies. Focusing on workforce development and economic opportunities, the cluster is at the forefront of the new Energy Economy.


Water Innovation

The future of water safety, water supply and water management is a global issue. Northern Colorado area companies and industry partners around the state are ready to take on challenges and discover solutions that are best for the planet, for business and our societies. Colorado State University’s expertise in water research and technology innovation is world-renowned. Combined, these companies and organizations contribute to the economic vitality of our area and beyond.